Our work

Our partners::

ABB Jablonec

single-purpose machine for stamping frame markers

ANTIKHAUS, s. r. o.

construction of window security reinforcements for historically valuable buildings (Ministry of Economy, Berlin)

construction of security window reinforcements for historically valuable (WOETANOWSKI)

ATREA, s. r. o.

Hoods for large kitchens DINER, STANDART, VARIANT

Ventilation roofs

line for the production of a rotary heat exchanger

rotary exchanger ROTOVENT line

a universal machine for stamping and perforating the hoses of air handling units

BENTELER Chrastava

adapters and manipulator grippers

BENTELER Maschninenbaum

windshield test panels

windshield conveyor line


installation fittings of air conditioner exchangers

single-purpose control unit of air-conditioning units

DGS Liberec

design and manufacture of shearing tools, matrices, scissors for pressure Al castings

Grupo Antolin Bohemia

single-purpose machine for clipping machine panels

single purpose machine for gluing roof panels

single-purpose machine for mounting and cutting of the roof panels


Assembly of exhaust thorns

reconstruction of the after-treatment single-purpose tank machine ŠKODA A4

drive adjustment and motion mechanism of automotive tank aftercoolers

KNORR BREMSE, s. r. o.

design of measuring instruments for the coordinate measuring machine WANZEL

pneumatic clamping device for removing the brake drum

LITES Liberec, s. r. o.

press and bending tool for detector cover

injection molds of plastic parts of the detector

Arvin Meritor

riveting machine for side panels

PAL Intier

single-purpose machine for pressing the shaft into the stator

single purpose shaft locking machine

a single-purpose press machine for the use of a lock ring

PAL Magneton

run-on wiper motor carousel


single-purpose parcel welding machine

PROVYS – CZ a. s. (PAL a. s. )

design and manufacture of a run-on wiper motor carousel

PEGUFORM Bohemia, a. s. – Liberec

single-purpose machine for stamping frame markers

technological preparations

design and manufacture of technological products for interior and exterior painting for Škoda Fabia, Octavia, Octavia FL, BD, BMW, Audi B6

calibration curtains Audi B6, dashboard reinforcement Opel

reconstruction of the blowing zone of the painting line

skid tilt mechanism

design of injection molded parts Audi TT

adjusting the liner parts

transit measuring instrument

reconstruction of the carrier system and conveyor guidance

reconstruction of the painting system rinsing system

pneumatic tilting circumference of blow-out slots

ironing and settling devices for threshold seals BMW

manipulator of internal blowing nozzles of painted parts

PEGUFORM Bohemia, a. s. – Libáň

single-purpose machine for assembling the shifting rod covers

single-purpose machine for the installation of hermetic air ducts

Carrier chladících technika CZ s. r. o.

automatic assembly for the manufacture of refrigeration furniture

installation of a production line in Russia including an automatic assembly for the production of refrigeration furniture

PEGUFORM Bohemi a. s. – Nymburk

Falling conveyer carrier PD ŠKODA

automatic after-cooling of the dashboard TOYOTA

single - purpose machine for PD , milling of BFS strips and medium apertures

REKUPER Sychrov s. r. o.

cooperation in the design, development and implementation of the ultra-light airplane SWING S-1

tI Automotive AC

a rotary carousel for drilling pipes into a cooling device

TRW Stará Boleslav

single-purpose belt stretching machine

control single-purpose machines

control preparations

Of course there is a warranty and post-warranty service of delivered machines and equipment, guaranteeing short reaction times and serviceability within 24 hours a day.

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